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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our free service.

What do you offer?

We are a website that offers support, information, and referrals for people who need to borrow funds. Essentially, we "coach" our visitors through the borrowing process to make it faster and more pleasant. We try to provide quality information on our site that will impart sufficient knowledge that our visitors can make informed borrowing decisions.

Are interest rates regulated by the federal government?

For members of the armed forces, yes, the federal government has set limits on how much companies can charge in interest. However, for civilians, the interest rates are regulated by the states. You can contact your state government to find out more about the regulations for your state. Some states have more stringent interest-rate caps than others, but all states have regulated the payday loan industry to some degree.

I don't have a job, but I receive regular government benefits. Can I still get an advance?

Eligibility criteria will depend on your individual provider. Mostly, though, providers will lend to anyone who has a job or receives regular income in some fashion, as long as you meet their minimum income requirements. For example, if you receive a social security check every month through direct deposit, you may be able to get funds even if you're not employed.

Do you issue loans?

No, we are here for guidance and referral purposes, not to actually extend loans. We provide free informational services, but we are not a lender of any kind.

How are cash advances different from payday loans?

Usually, the terms are used synonymously. So, more than likely, you're talking about the same thing: a small loan against your next paycheck that is issued over a brief period of time.

Do I need to have a good financial record to borrow?

One of the advantages is that almost anyone with a job and a bank account can qualify, despite your past financial mistakes (varies by company). Your borrowed amount is secured by your paycheck, which means your financial history is irrelevant to most providers.

I have questions that are not answered here. Whom should I ask?

If you have questions that we did not answer on this page or on our site, feel free to contact your company for more information. You can usually find your lender's phone number and/or email on the front page of their site. It's almost better to ask your individual provider your questions, as each company will have varying policies.

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